What Can I Expect from a Dental Exam Near Me?

Patients have many questions about a dental exam, which is one of the most important and necessary services a dentist can provide to maintain your dental health.

During a dental exam, we screen for oral cancer, check the condition of your gums and look for for cavities and broken fillings. A thorough dental exam is an inexpensive way to ensure your good dental health.

An oral cancer screening can find dangerous sores or lesions in your mouth. Detecting any cancer early can lead to less invasive treatment and may even save your life.

Gum disease is the silent dental disease. Many people who have early gum disease don’t know it because it doesn’t hurt. A complete dental exam includes measuring the pocket between your tooth and gum. A deep or bleeding pocket is the sign of gum disease. A regular dental exam with a gum probing provides early detection and allows us to recommend treatment that will keep you healthy.

A scheduled dental exam (recommended every six months) enables us to find cavities and chipped or broken teeth when they are small. Cavities never go away on their own but only get bigger and deeper into your teeth until they become painful.
Finding cavities with a full dental exam and routine radiographs (X-rays) means that we can fix them when they are small. Regular dental exams can save you money because you can avoid costly treatment like root canals and crowns by taking care of cavities early on.

X-ray Types

  • Bitewing – captures the crowns of the upper and lower teeth
  • Periapical – provides a view of the whole tooth as well as the bone in the same area
  • Panoramic – offers a complete look at the entire mouth

Dental Cleaning

Our professional hygienists also will remove any plaque or tartar from your teeth to help guard against gum disease. You can prepare by brushing well twice a day and flossing daily. We can take care of the areas that are the most difficult to clean.

Regular dental exams and cleanings will keep you healthy and smiling.

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