Dentist Near Chardon, Ohio

Dentist Near Chardon

AP Family Dentistry provides Modern Dentistry with Caring Service using the most advanced technology and latest dental techniques, all served with a smile!

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For Over 25 Years, Northeast Ohio’s Most Trusted Dentist

From Chardon’s uptown city center to the surrounding township, you’re not far from one of the most recognized dentists in Northeast Ohio. Our dental team serves patients from Chardon and the surrounding Geauga and Lake County areas. Our practice has been named “Top Dentist” by Cleveland Magazine 10 years in a row.

Our patients range from families to senior citizens. From fitting football mouthguards to cosmetic dentistry and dentures, we pride ourselves in only using the best dental materials and latest dental technology to provide an optimal dental experience. Our team gives you accurate estimates before we begin your care and files your dental insurance claims with all of the major insurance companies.


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About AP Family Dentistry

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Prevention, Cleaning & Check-ups

Regular checkups and cleanings prevent most dental ailments. Bring your family every 6 months to maintain healthy, beautiful smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Has the mirror or countless Zoom meetings made you long for a better smile? We offer a cosmetic smile evaluation that models the options to change size, shape, alignment or color of your front teeth. Choose the most modern procedures to enhance your smile.

Fillings, Crowns & Bridges

Life happens and sometimes it requires dental restoration services. We can fix cavities and broken teeth. Services include bonded, tooth-colored fillings and perfect-fit, metal-free crowns and bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace one tooth or multiple teeth. Quite simply, a crown sits atop a small titanium cylinder that is “rooted” in your jawbone. The result is permanent and looks like your original tooth.


Well-fit dentures are important to physical and emotional health. AP Family Dentistry uses the latest techniques and highest-quality material to customize your new or old dentures for comfort and health.

Root Canals

Root Canals -- combined with fillings or crowns -- repair teeth when nerves are infected from deep decay or tooth trauma. AP Family Dentistry takes a gentle approach with rotary technology, digital measuring and modern sealing techniques. Discomfort is minimal.

Tooth Extraction Services

Broken teeth can be removed with a local anesthetic. Oral surgeon referrals are made when appropriate.

Gum Disease

Our experienced dental team can diagnose gum disease and offer non-surgical treatments for early to moderate gum disease. Treating these infections may cure bad breath and prevent larger health problems.

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