Non-Surgical Treatment of Gum Disease

Do your gums bleed when you brush? Is your breath really bad and nothing you do seems to help? Are your teeth loose?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have gum disease

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At AP Family Dentistry, we can diagnose your gum disease and give you non-surgical treatments options for early or moderate gum disease. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that invades the space between your tooth and gum. We focus your care on controlling the infection and returning your mouth to a healthy place. The infection from gum disease can travel through your body and cause issues with your heart and other organs.

How We Treat Gum Disease

Early Gum Disease or Gingivitis

These conditions can be treated with a professional cleaning and a special mouth rinse that fights the bacteria causing the inflammation and bleeding. Regular dental cleaning can prevent the gum infection from returning.

Moderate Gum Disease or Periodontal Disease

These conditions occurs when bacteria infects the space between your tooth and gum causing you to lose the supporting ligament that holds your teeth into your jawbone.

Our Difference? Gentle Care + Better Technology

When treating advanced gum disease, at the Dental Wellness Center one of our professional hygienists will numb you so you are comfortable and perform a deeper cleaning that removes any tartar and infection below your gum line. Most of our patients experience very little discomfort after the procedure and return to normal activities the next day. We also use the best technology available to help restore bone growth.

Arestin: Better Healing

At the Dental Wellness Center we use Arestin a localized antibiotic that is placed between your tooth and gum in deeper areas that show more bleeding and infection. Arestin helps your body control the infection while you are healing and allows your gums to heal better.

EMDOGAIN: Restoring Bone

We use Emdogain to treat areas of gum disease that show advanced bone loss from gum infection. Emdogain is placed in the areas of deep bone loss and helps your body grow new bone. Our professional hygienists place Emdogain while you are numb in the area of bone loss after they have cleaned out the infected area. Most of our patients experience limited discomfort and return to normal activity after the procedure.

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