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When a dental patient doesn’t like to smile because they dislike the color, size or shape of their teeth, then dental veneers can be the solution to create a beautiful smile. Veneers can also repair teeth that have been worn or chipped on the edges, which creates an uneven smile.

Some people’s teeth are small and have spaces or have a dark color through no fault of their own. Let’s chalk that up to bad genetics. Other people have bad habits that wear the edges of their teeth and cause them to chip. Examples include using their teeth to hold hard things like pens ornails. Some people things like to chew ice. Regardless of the cause, a custom created ceramic veneer is a great way to repair damaged teeth or improve upon genetics to give you a beautiful custom smile.

A dental veneer is a thin shell of custom crafted ceramic that is created to fit over the front and edge of your tooth. The ceramic veneer can change the shape size and color of your tooth without removing much, if any, of your original tooth. The veneer is as strong as your natural tooth once it is resin bonded to your tooth. The ceramic used to create a veneer is a special material that is very translucent and mimics the look of the most beautiful natural enamel.

The initial step in my veneer procedure is an extensive examination of your teeth and a consultation to determine what you desire for your new smile. Your teeth must be decay free and should have had a dental cleaning within the last six months. Once I determine that your teeth are healthy, and you are a candidate for veneers, then we will discuss what color and size you want for your best smile. I will also take a digital scan and digital photos of your teeth and send it to my dental lab so they can create a model of your new smile for your approval.

The second step is for you to approve the size and shape for you new veneers based on the model of your teeth. Once you approve the model, we can schedule you for a veneer preparation appointment.

During your veneer preparation appointment, I will numb your mouth so that you are comfortable during the procedure. I will then, where necessary, slightly reduce your enamel and smooth the edges of the teeth that will receive the veneers. The tooth reduction is custom for every tooth and as little tooth as possible is removed to allow room for your custom ceramic veneer. Once this is complete, we will take a digital scan of the prepared teeth and send it to our dental lab with custom instructions for your veneer fabrication. You will leave this appointment with a custom-made set of temporary acrylic veneers that will look like your final veneers. You will wear the temporary veneers for 10 days to 2 weeks.

At your veneer seat appointment, you will again be numb for your comfort. The temporary veneers will be removed and your teeth will be cleaned and polished. I will then try in your custom-made veneers and ask for your approval of them before I bond them to your teeth.
Your veneers will be bonded in place and polished to their optimum beauty.

Custom ceramic veneers can be used to improve the look of one tooth or multiple teeth depending on your needs and desire. Custom ceramic veneers are a beautiful, strong and a long-lasting solution for a worn or poorly shaped smile.

I prefer not to veneer severely crowded front teeth because it is difficult to make your teeth look awesome. With patients that have severely crowded teeth I refer them to a board-certified orthodontist. The result from orthodontics will be far superior to what I can accomplish with veneers.

Direct resin bonding is another option to improve your smile. The difference is that direct resin bonding takes one appointment and is accomplished by bonding tooth colored composite material to your tooth. Direct resin bonding can be used to repair a single or multiple chipped or broken front teeth. It is not as strong as a veneer and depending on your habits it may stain over time.

During a free smile consultation, I can help you determine the best way to improve your smile.

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